NeuroActiv Oil fatty acid natural supplement

NeuroActiv Oil™

NeuroActiv Oil™ is a natural supplement that incorporates a balanced formulation of fatty acids.


A balanced wide range of fatty acids is required in many metabolic and structural processes that are responsible for the healthy functioning of cells, including those in your brain, heart, eyes, bones, and skin.


NeuroActiv Oil™ goes well beyond the typical Omega 3-6-9 supplements in that it incorporates over a dozen additional important fatty acids. Fatty acids, when present in a suitable mixture at the appropriate ratios, can be easily absorbed by the human body. This reduces waste and overloading of the wrong type of fatty acids that occurs when consuming only one or few individual fatty acids.


NeuroActiv Oil™ is developed with 100% natural organic ingredients without the addition of artificial flavours or preservatives.


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